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Why do we love reading?

Why read a book. Read is necessary not only to know much (though certainly not without it). Reading a person develops his own speech, he borrows the speed, the manner of speech of the writer, his characters, phrases, concepts. The reader discovers the other point of view and, over time, develops his own. Man reading a book, it is easier to express their thoughts, because it has a richer language, so it is an interesting interlocutor, and one-sided, and the interests of the individual. The more you know, the more interesting it becomes more. Read - means to think. This is to absorb the idea of ​​the author, and oppose him his position, to drain them and compare. Reading people tend to be very literate and in speech and in writing, as should be written intuitively example speech writer. And even reading a person becomes a very capable and easy to train in almost any field. For many accustomed to read and comprehend a lot of different information, people can quickly adapt to new knowledge, new environment and new people. And it becomes almost indispensable collaborator in most cases. So what career a love of reading, too, perfectly helps. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Sapiente voluptatem distinctio neque, a, id debitis tenetur aspernatur? Natus, voluptate alias.

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